What is this “You have once chance to fold this right” thing all about?

We demand perfection….  For real though, metal fatigues with each bend, so you basically have one chance to fold it right :0 We have great folding instructions, so take the challenge!

Is Flat Fold Hold made in Canada?

Because you’re a keener and you came to visit this part of the website you deserve to know the truth…  Every piece that goes into the Flat Fold Hold series was custom designed in Edmonton by Maake.

The organizers themselves (the metal part) were laser cut and powdercoated by a local Edmonton manufacturer.  The rubber feet and bags were manufactured by our trusted suppliers overseas.

What is Flat Fold Hold made of?

The organizers themselves are solid steel, coated in a custom powdercoat we've had specially manufactured. The small bumper feet are custom injection molded out of rubber to keep your desk safe. 

How much do they cost to ship?

If you’re in North America, you’re in luck!  We offer $5 flat rate shipping to all of our North American customers.  

If you live outside of North America we love you, but you’re a bit less lucky… We offer $20 shipping to our international customers. (But that’s in Canadian dollars, so it really is still a deal.)

Are slight cracks along the bends normal?

Minute cracking is perfectly normal.  As the metal bends into shape it stretches and causes the paint on the surface to bind.  There shouldn’t be any associated long term effects. However, if you notice more extensive cracking, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get you sorted!