Early March, it's below zero in one of Edmonton's many industrial parks. We are walking on the inclined side of a busy artillery road; there are no sidewalks Why? We are picking up two giant rolls of industrial felt that just arrived from Ontario. We don't have a car. The nearest bus stop is 8 blocks away and the entire trip takes us over three hours.


Late January. It's below zero, and we are standing on the side of road trying to convince an ETS bus driver to allow us onto his bus with eight feet of metal tubing. Cold metal tubing.


Stay out of everyone’s way. Standing only. You're the first ones off if it gets busy.


When you love to design you make a way for it to happen, that's how Maake was born. We love every step; from the first idea and initial sketch to hashing out material samples and pouring over packaging, we're in it for the joy.


We are Mark and Dave, we run Maake.


Let us pass on the joy of the make to you.